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American Cut Gemstones First Featured Veteran!!!

Douglas McKinney

Douglas McKinney is a 21 years USAF retired MSgt and worked in the metrology and calibration field known in the AF as PMEL. Married for 30 years, he has 4 children.
He has two associate degrees, one in Electronics, the other in Translation and Interpretation, Spanish.
He began his interest in jewelry when the Air Force sent him to Tucson Arizona in 1993. In spring of 2001 he retired from the USAF and hired on at Raytheon in the Metrology Department where he remains as a technician.
He began cutting gemstones in May of 2017 when a software engineer at Raytheon offered to sell him an old Graves Mark IV. He still considers himself an apprentice after three years, but his cutting skills are developing quite well. See attached photos.
The stone pictured here is an 8 carat, 13.5 mm green moissanite cut in a modified Trilliguese cut, with 202 facets. It is not for sale as he cut it during his father’s passing on. The emotion invested in this stone bursts out in an array of colors not expected from this sage green stone.