Our Story

Hello!  My name is Don Williams.  I developed a love for faceting gemstones in 1999 when visiting a local rock shop in Seattle with my Daughter.  A couple gentlemen in the back were faceting and took the time to show me the basics.  A week later I ordered my first machine and the rest is history.  I spent over twenty years in the U.S. Navy Submarine Force, needless to say time to facet gemstones between deployments was limited.  Now that I am happily retired I can invest more time into my passion and love, colored gemstones!  Faceting gemstones require special attributes that are often found in our military Servicemembers.  Through this website I hope to develop new relationships with customers and fellow Veteran Lapidaries alike. Our mission is to connect Veterans that share a similar passion for gemstones and lapidary arts.

Our Team

This site is supported by all of our lapidary Veterans… but the resident knuckleheads are below…

Parker bleu


Don Williams

Owner :: Master Faceter


Sea Dog


"Don took a nicely saturated purple Amethyst, with a hint of red and challenging rutile, and turned it into a stunning amethyst with lots of sparkle.  The chosen cut really showcases the beauty of this stone and accentuates the red highlights turning this into an incredible gemstone!  I'm very impressed by the quality and perfection of this gemstone's cut.  Don is a very talented lapidary.  I'm really looking forward to him cutting another gemstone for me."  
Constance N.
Senior Systems Engineer, USN